Used or new, here are the cars with the highest resale value

When buying a car, the resale value makes a big difference in influencing a decision. Whether it is a Japanese, Korean, French or German brand, a car buyer who focuses on the sales price would be wise to also consider what the car will be worth after five years of use. This is because, after just three years, the average used car is worth half of what it was worth when new.


In Malaysia, Toyota and Honda are the two Japanese brands that produce the cars with the highest resale value. Today, Toyota Vios and Honda City are still selling very well mainly because they are also in high demand in the used car market. To help you make the best decision, here are the five brands with the highest resale value for your reference:


Toyota is well known for producing long-lasting cars that are extremely reliable and cheap to repair. With this common knowledge, there are now many used car shoppers out there who are looking for a second-hand Toyota. That demand drives up prices, and so many of the brand’s models are at or near the top of their segments when it comes to resale value. From the Prius hybrid to the Camry sedan and the Tundra pickup, you will never go wrong when buying a Toyota.


Honda cars tend to be more attractive, slightly more powerful, and a bit sportier than its rivals’ cars. With these qualities often at the forefront of a used car shopper’s mind, Hondas are popular on the second-hand market. This is reflected in its resale values, with models such as the compact Civic, midsize Accord, and the Odyssey minivan.


Lexus makes it to the list, largely thanks to a reputation for being building some of the most reliable and best put-together cars on the market. Models such as the compact RC coupe, midsize GS sedan and full-sized LX sport utility cars can be expected to follow in that tradition. This explains why they hold their value better than any other car in their class.


Subaru produces cars that are reliable, safe and fun to drive, and this has led to an increase in demand for the manufacturer’s cars on the second-hand car market. The midsize Legacy sedan, the compact and sporty WRX and the compact Forester crossover, you name it, if you are looking to buy a used car, they seem to do a better than average job of retaining their values.


The Infiniti is brand is known mostly for its combination of luxury, performance, styling and futuristic technologies. As Nissan’s luxury brand, it tends to hold its value better than manufacturers that specialize in lower-end cars. The compact Infiniti QX50 crossover and full-sized Infiniti QX80 sports utility car lead the brand in this regard with its other models following suit, helping make the brand one of the ten car brands with the best resale value.


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