How to Sell
How do I find out the value of my car?
Submit your car details here to get the estimation of your car value. Proceed to get a FREE valuation to find out the exact value of your car.
What happens if the estimation of my car price is not available?
Your car is a unique entry. Once you have submitted the price check here, our customer service representatives will contact you 1 - 2 working days with the estimation of your car price.
What are the estimated prices based on?
Note that there will be two (2) offered prices shown on the screen. The estimated prices are based on your selling method and the current market value. However, the ACTUAL selling price of car is given after valuation of your car condition.
What is the difference between Auction and Direct Sell if I want to sell my car?
  1. Auction: You can maximize your chance of getting the highest price for your car from over 700 mobile active dealers through MUV.
  2. Futures: If you would like to have your car as your daily transportation while selling is in progress/before a guaranteed deal, you can always list your car to obtain quotations from our active dealers nationwide.
  3. Direct Sell: If you are happy with the offer price after your FREE car valuation, you can sell your car instantly through MUV's panel.
Can I sell my car if my outstanding finance is higher than the value of my car?
Yes, however, you will have to top up the balance of the outstanding amount to your bank.
Do I need to sign up or register in order to sell my car?
No. You don’t need to sign up or register in order to sell your car. Click here to sell your car.
Are there any transaction fees?
  1. Direct Sell: there are NO transaction fees. MUV’s Panel dealer covers the entire selling process.
  2. Auction and Futures: there is a charge of handling fee from the range of RM100, RM300 and RM500 depends on reserve price of your car or customer asking price of your car.
Where can I drop my car for valuation?
You can drop your car at any MUV Hubs. Click here for more info. Otherwise, you are able to schedule an appointment with our customer service representative at your preferred date, time and location.
How long is the car valuation process?
It takes only 30 minutes. You will receive a price quote immediately or 1 – 2 working days if the reference price is not available.
Who will value my car?
Our customer service representative will notify you the details and arrange for an accredited officer to value your car at your convenience.
How long does it take to sell my car (from appraisal to sold)?
  1. For Auction method, with MUV recommended selling price, the average time of selling your car is within 1 – 2 rounds on our weekly auction. Else, it will take a longer time if your selling price is higher than MUV recommended price.
  2. For Futures method, it takes 2 working days to obtain quotations for your selling decision.
  3. For Direct Sell method, if price agreed by both buyer and seller within 5 days upon appraisal, you are required to submit necessary documents within 14 days (including the given 5 days selling decision making) to complete your car selling process.
How long do I need to wait for my payment?
  1. For Auction method, payment will be given within 10 working days after a successful auction bid is made.
  2. For Futures method, payment will be given within 9 working days after you surrender your vehicle to MUV.
  3. For Direct Sell method, payment will be given within 5 working days upon documentation complete and submitted.
How do I set a reserve price for the Auction / Futures selling method?
MUV will recommend a reserve price based on the current market conditions.
If I opt for the Auction selling method, how will I know my car has been placed for the auction?
Our customer service representative will contact and notify you that your car is ready for bidding on our weekly auction.
Will I be charged if I decided to withdraw my car from the MUV Auction/Futures?
  1. Auction: charges will be imposed only if inspection done and withdraw instruction issue after work completed. However, no charges if vehicle unsold and seller withdraws after Auction bidding session.
  2. Futures: A charges of RM200 will be imposed if a quotation that matches your asking price is obtained from buyers. However, there will be no charges if vehicle is unsold or quotations received are below your asking price.
When do I need to handover my car?
  1. Sell via MUV Auction, the car must be handed over to MUV at least 3 working days before the first auction week’s Wednesday to be successfully listed.
  2. Sell via Futures, you have to surrender your car on your agreed surrender date.
  3. Direct selling to MUV’s panel, your car must be handed over to MUV upon payment receive.
What are the documents that I need to prepare for selling my car?
Please provide an original copy and a photocopy of the following documents:
  1. Vehicle Registration Card / Vehicle Ownership Certificate
  2. Owner’s Identification Card (I/C)
  3. Loan settlement letter from bank (if any)
    Can MUV assist me with all of the required selling documents?
    Of course, MUV is a one-stop Car Selling Center where we will handle all the paperwork, documentation and ownership transfer for you.
    Can I know the final transacted price of my car after the auction ends?
    Of course. Our customer service representative will contact you for the final transacted price of the car upon successfully selling your car.
    Is MUV a reliable platform for me to sell my car?
    As a wholly owned subsidiary of Warisan TC Holdings Berhad, part of Tan Chong Group known for its reputable brand name and years of experience in the local automotive industry, MUV is certainly curated with its world-class end-to-end solution to serve as the most reliable platform for you to sell your car.
    Please contact us at or reach us at +(6)018-361 8088/ +(6)018-311 8089 for further enquiries.